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NSU and Partners on the NJ News

Published on Mar 31, 2015 Ridgewood’s Department of Public Works is making waste profitable, saving money for taxpayers and reducing greenhouse gases


NSU transforms Organic Waste into Energy!

The Ridgewood Sustainable Energy Project was NSU’s and its partners’ first foray into this area and we continue to expand our presence! Contact us if you would like to investigate something like this for your community! You can read about the project here: &nbsp


NSU to Receive Project & Safety Awards

This week it was announced that NSU would receive the following awards. Congratulations to all teams involved! March 26, 2015, Hillsborough, NJ – Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) has, for the third year in a row, been nominated for Company Safety Awards through the New Jersey State Safety Council. 2015 awards will be presented in May. …


Who We Are

NSU is dedicated to being a leading water and energy company creating innovative solutions today that emulate the cycles of nature for a resilient, sustainable tomorrow.  We embrace our role as stewards of the environment in our mission to deliver technologically advanced, distributed infrastructure systems. We optimize life-cycle value with turn-key Design, Build and Operate services and infrastructure Ownership options.

We are committed to: 

  • Providing safe, economical and environmentally superior solutions

  • Surpassing customer and other stakeholder expectations

  • Supporting and nurturing skilled and accomplished staff

  • Enhancing the lives of those in the communities we serve

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