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Natural Systems Utilities Appoints Jonathan C. Kaledin as Executive Vice President/General Counsel

Hillsborough, NJ (January 16 , 2015)—Natural Systems Utilities, LLC (NSU) is pleased to announce that Jonathan C. Kaledin has joined the company as its Executive Vice President /General Counsel.  Mr. Kaledin joins NSU with 30 years of legal and management experience in the water field, including experience in the private, public, and government sectors.  NSU …


Natural Systems Utilities Appoints Robert D. Dixon as CEO

Hillsborough, NJ  (December 1, 2014) – Natural Systems Utilities, LLC (NSU), has announced that Robert D. Dixon has joined the distributed water infrastructure company as its Chief Executive Officer and Board Director. Mr. Dixon comes to NSU with over 30 years of growth management track record, including significant industry experience as the CEO of Seven …


Natural Systems Utilities Receives Awards from the Division of Public Safety, State of New Jersey

Hillsborough, NJ (April, 2014):  Natural Systems Utilities is pleased to announce that they are the proud recipients of 4 awards from the NJ Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health Award Program.  Safety is no accident, and NSU and their employees take safety seriously.  Our Licensed Operators are highly trained technical experts in water and wastewater treatment, …


Who We Are

NSU is dedicated to being a leading water and energy company creating innovative solutions today that emulate the cycles of nature for a resilient, sustainable tomorrow.  We embrace our role as stewards of the environment in our mission to deliver technologically advanced, distributed infrastructure systems. We optimize life-cycle value with turn-key Design, Build and Operate services and infrastructure Ownership options.

We are committed to: 

  • Providing safe, economical and environmentally superior solutions

  • Surpassing customer and other stakeholder expectations

  • Supporting and nurturing skilled and accomplished staff

  • Enhancing the lives of those in the communities we serve

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